Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard... Let me show you how!

Brittany Lynne Roberts

NEW High Raw Vegan Meal Plans


(High Raw -- Fruit Based -- Low Fat -- ABUNDANCE)


It's packed full of a very wide variety of different recipes and meal ideas that I've created as an 8 year vegan βœ”

Every day is raw until dinner... with a raw fruit based meal for breakfast & lunch, then some cooked vegetables, root vegetables, beans & tubers in the dinner meal βœ”

This Meal Plan Includes:
-An explanation of the importance of a high fruit diet βœ”
-An explanation of calories in vs. calories out & the importance of eating in abundance βœ”
-A list of kitchen tools needed for this plan βœ”
-A full grocery list titled: "The foods in this meal plan include" βœ”
-A list of healthy quick & easy snack ideas, for that mid-day hunger βœ”
-Clear and easy to read recipes & instructions for each day βœ”
-A colourful and bright photo example to go with EACH meal βœ”

This meal plan is amazing for those who are seeking to lose weight, improve digestion, improve metabolism, increase energy, improve skin/hair/nails, improve cognitive function, and MUCH more βœ”


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