Custom Meal Plans

If you're wanting to start your health journey but need a meal plan specific to your needs, goals, and wants. Then this is the perfect option for you.


I will create a plan catered for your body, your lifestyle, your likes/dislikes, your schedule, your goals, and so much more!

There are a limited amount of custom meal plans available each week, so order yours NOW before they are sold out.

These Custom Meal Plans Include:

-A list of kitchen tools needed for this plan ✔

-A full grocery list titled: "The foods in this meal plan include" ✔

-Clear and easy to read recipes & instructions for each meal ✔

-Colourful and bright photo examples to go with each day ✔

-All plans are completely whole foods based, but it's your choice of fully raw, mostly raw, mostly cooked, and/or Medical Medium protocols ✔


These meal plans are perfect for those who are seeking to lose fat/weight, improve digestion, increase energy, improve skin/hair/nails, improve cognitive function, and improve overall bodily functions ✔

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How does it work?

1. Choose the meal plan you desire; 7 day, 14 day, or 28 day.

2. Click the button, "Order Your Meal Plan Now" (a link to email me).

3. Within 24 hours, I will then send you the payment link & the Custom Meal Plan Questionnaire.

4. Complete the payment & questionnaire, and send back to me.

5. As soon as I receive your completed questionnaire, I will get started on your meal plan!

6. Your meal plan will be completed within 4-10 days from when I receive your completed questionnaire. 


7 Day Custom Meal Plan  $105.00

14 Day Custom Meal Plan    $210.00


28 Day Custom Meal Plan  $420.00

no refunds or exchanges... Paypal fee extra