Cycling Plans


4 Week Cycling Plan

Only £9.99

  • Engineered to get you building up your fitness regardless of what fitness level or background you currently have. Great for beginners or seasoned athletes.

  • Designed to give you great results without spending too many hours on the bike.

  • Great for fat loss & building fitness!

"Over the last 6 years, I've spent hundreds of hours on the bike, almost all of which with a heart rate monitor or power meter and I've ridden with athletes and riders of all levels.

I've spent tens of hours researching online and documenting my own experiences which have enabled me to build a vast array of cycle training knowledge, most of which I've passed onto my successful clients who've gone on to smash their goals.

In this plan you'll find a lot of my knowledge on getting fit and building up fitness without spending tens of hours on the bike, you'll find the majority of this quality over quantity style training which will get you amazing results!" -- Craig Roberts (Cycling Slim) 

8 Week Cycling Plan

Only £17.99

12 Week Cycling Plan

Only £24.99