Success Stories

"I seriously love all of the handouts... They are so useful and helpful and I’m very grateful for them. I really appreciate it and am so happy I chose to do this program with Brittany! My experience has been exactly what I was hoping for. She takes her work seriously, gives quality, informed, and experienced driven advice, AND provided me with so much more than I expected. I’m in awe and truly could not have been happier as her client. So thank you!"


"Working with  Brittany has been a very cool experience... She's very good at explaining everything and a good listener... Her advise helped me understand how to eat mindfully and healthier... I no longer obsess or stress about calories and I no longer have an extreme mentality when it comes to food... I also loved the 7 day meal plan. The meals are so simple and delicious. I find that I feel much more satisfied when I eat simple meals with 1, 2 or 3 ingredients... Thank you so much for being there!"  -- Athena

"I would totally recommend Brittany as a coach! She has changed my relationship with food, has finally made me feel comfortable with food and stop counting calories after 5 horrible years! So totally grab this opportunity and let her help you she is amazing! X"

-- Olivia

"Brittany has helped me understand that food is nourishment, it's not something that is earned or deserved. Now I feel free and allow food to be simply energy for my body. I have also developed a healthier relationship with exercise changing my mind set to 'Movement is a celebration of what my body can do' versus 'This exercise is a punishment for what I ate or will eat.' 

In the last four weeks I have grasped an overall sense of contentment in terms of food and exercise. If I could rate Brittany on a scale of stars, I'd give her all the stars in the sky." -- Mackenzie

"Signing up for Brittany's coaching program was the best thing I did this year for my health! She explained to me all about how to eat to nourish my physical body as well as my mental health. I now know how to eat that is right for MY body and feel so satisfied. I know a LOT more about plant based nutrition from Brittany's guidance. I have lost 5kg since I started working with Britt!" -- Vanessa

"I have completely healed my digestion, lost 10lbs, and feel so happy and satisfied with my diet finally! Now I can eat as much as I care for and actually feel amazing and lose weight at the same time. I am so pleased I had this coaching experience with Brittany!" -- Erin

"I experienced a two-week health coaching program (email only) with Brittany and I had a great experience. She reads very carefully what you write to her and her replies are specific for your own needs. She is very helpful and responsive. If there is a problem or you tell her that something does not work for you, she is always very happy suggest something else or to help you to find what works best for you in a non-judgmental way. I personally feel vulnerable in these situations but Brittany was able to create a great environment where I felt comfortable and this helped me immensely. I highly recommend working with Brittany!" -- Elisabetta

“Since our Skype calls my cravings are away and I am more satisfied again....I try to listen to my body and if I want to eat something sweet in the evening I will do it!.... AND (and that’s one of the best things) I can see my life as a whole thing again! Before I started with your program I have seen my life through a tunnel view. I was only focused on the one moment the moment where i will reach my goals, look fantastic and be happy. But I also want to be happy at my journey to that goal. And because of you my life has become so much better. My whole thinking has changed. Thank you very much for that!” -- Julia

"...Through Brittany's encouragement and guidance, I had been able to gain back my love for plant based foods again! Her positive non-judgmental approach, the informal handouts, and her inspiring words of wisdom through using her past experiences served as an eye-opener to me and the way I view food.

Rather than be scared of food and calories, I learned to embrace whole plant based foods and to eat until satisfied. The meal plan also provided was fun and quick to make, and was quite satisfying to indulge in. It is honestly because of Brittany's help that I am now happier and feel better about myself and my body!"

-- Karen

"Brit helped me in knowing about the different types food groups in order to get a sense of what types of foods to pick from and combine with on each meal.  She shared sample recipes as well as her personal experience on how to adopt a true vegan lifestyle. She helped me to view the whole road into veganism as a healthy journey where patience in one self is required."

-- Alice

"I'm SO grateful for Brittany's help and guidance. She was so sweet and gentle with her continuous recommendations and suggestions she gave me. I am now free from my orthorexic mentality with my diet, and now I can eat as much as I truly need without guilt or fear!" --Melanie

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